Legume Fructe has one of the largest and most trusted brands of food industry and it has a wide array of food portofolio ranging from tomatoes and pickles to canned food and gourmet sauces. The company appeals to consumers with is own brands, while undertaking contract manufacturing for many Romanian and European brands on a B2B basis.

Strategically situated in the center of the country, Legume Fructe production facilities take advantage of its proximity to the vegetable fields, and process those vegetables growing under the supervision of agricultural engineerswithin 24 hours  without losing any time and freshness in the factory equipped with cutting-edge technology. Legume Fructe has the largest factory of its sector in Romania, exporting is a significant portion of its production.
The factory was built between 1970 and 1978. It was permanently equipped with equipment corresponding to a plant for processing fruits and vegetables until 1981, the date when the factory began to produce at optimal operating parameters. At the time, the main consideration was its location in an area recognized as one of the country’s main vegetable and fruit-growing pools. The factory reached a production capacity of up to 4,500 tonnes of tomatoes / year; With this production capacity was put into use in the 1980s. Later, after 2000, the factory was equipped with new and performing machines of Italian origin. Investments on the technological side continued in the following years:

– In 2003 a processing line is purchased.

– in 2010 an integrated line of bottling with European funds is acquired;

– in the years 2011-2013, the factory being equipped with new equipment for the sterilization of the products and preparation of the raw material, as well as a new line for cubed tomatoes and red tomatoes.

-in the year 2014, the plant tripled its production capacity for tomato products, such as cubes / whole peeled tomatoes, red tomatoes and tomato juice. In the future, the company wants to implement new projects to increase the range of products and to increase the processing capacity.